by whitney

Round 50 years in the past Hollywood thought of 3D motion pictures could be widespread, with millions of cinema goers enjoying three dimensional motion pictures by the the late 1960’s. The chances that people might have sooner or later are unknown, but technology will always be with us, and it’s not going away. Given the vicissitudes that our culture had been wring by means of, Ong and many other Media Ecologist will inject a brand new energy and life into a very beautiful language(s).

Moreover, an increasing number of individuals get used to the new media like Internet, laptop and mobile phone with out go away the previous media like television, radio and newspaper. It is well previous time to make use of renewable vitality to energy our nation. “a medium is a technology inside which a tradition grows; that’s to say, it provides form to a tradition‟s politics, social group, and ordinary methods of thinking”(Postman, 2000).technology

The technological society requires men to be content with what they are required to like; for individuals who should not content, it gives distractionss-escape into absorp­tion with technically dominated media of standard culture and communication.technology

To offer on-line social networking service which may be targeted and reflecting of social network or social relations among individuals who share interests and activities Most social community companies are net based and supply means for users to interact over the internet.technology

The technology of virtual reality may present a partial studying expertise, an mental expertise but not a human encounter. They did not have the form of knowledge that advanced science and technology has allowed us to have at present; but I feel the pyramids are an instance of how resourceful and intelligent people may be regardless of the time by which they reside.